How to Make a Book Stand Out of Wood

There are a lot of books in the world. There are so many books that it can be hard to make your book stand out from all the rest. If you’re looking for a way to make your book look unique and special, why not try making a book stand out of wood!

This will make your book look different from all the others, but it also makes it easier to keep open while you’re reading. This article will discuss how to make a book stand out of wood using just a few simple tools and materials.

How to Make a Book Stand Out of Wood

Tools and Materials:

  • A book you want to display on a stand
  • Two pieces of wood. One should be thinner than the other. The thin one will go at the bottom, while the thick one will go on top so that whichever side is facing upwards does not get damaged.
  • A ruler, pencil, and cutting knife.
  • A hammer, if the wood does not fit together firmly enough to stand on its own.
  • Screws and a screwdriver.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Book Stand Out of Wood

Step 1: Prep Work

Place the book on top of one piece of wood. Next, trace the shape to know how much space to leave for the spine. Next, you can either cut around the book with a knife or just cut big enough to fit two fingers between it and the back cover. – After you’ve figured out where to place the bottom piece of wood, trace its outline onto another sheet of wood, which should be thinner than 1″ thick (it doesn’t have to be thin).

– Use a ruler and pencil to draw lines between the top and bottom pieces of wood. The distance should be shorter than the width of the book’s spine, as you will want as little space as possible to protect the book from falling over. How much you should leave depends on how thick the spine is, but it should never exceed 1/2,” or there would not be enough support for your book.

– Cut along these lines with a knife and then use sandpaper to smooth down any rough edges and ensure that nothing sharp can puncture through either piece of wood. – You’ll also need to cut out two rectangles measuring 7 3/4″ by 4 1/8″. These will serve as stands for your book stand. If screw holes are necessary, drill them out before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Drilling a Hole in The Bottom Piece of Wood

– Place a drill bit inside the hole and spin it around to create a shallow, circular groove in the back cover. This will give stability to your book stand when you place it on a flat surface. – Then, cut out an X from four sides of each side of the grooves. When cutting this part out, try not to damage any parts of the pages because these grooves function as page holders.

– To protect your project from splitting, put glue at one side of two opposite sides inside each groove and then let them dry for 20 minutes or until they’re firm enough that you can’t push them in with your fingers.

Step 3: Putting the Book Stand Together

Drill a hole at both ends of each side of the bottom piece of wood and then screw in four screws to connect it with the top piece of wood. – Put glue on two sides and around the perimeter of the interior space of the groove and let it dry for 20 minutes or until they’re firm enough that you can’t push them in anymore with your fingers.

– Then, place the leftover pages inside these grooves to hold together tightly. You can use tape or paperclips to secure it if need be.

Wood Book Stand

Step 4: Use Your New Book Stand Out Of Wood

– Set your new book stand up against something, like a wall, to give it stability, and then place your book on top of it. How you position the pages along the grooves depends entirely on how wide open your book is when lying down flat, which means that no matter what side of your stand faces upwards, the other will still be able to hold up all of your essential or beautiful books without breaking. In addition, these steps will help make a book stand out of wood.

Additional Tips:

– Be sure that your screws are not too long, so they do not pass through the other side of the wood. Also, sand down sharp corners to avoid any future injuries.

– If you would like an even more decorative book stand, use paint or stain on it after sanding. You can also stencil on any patterns or designs before staining or painting.

– Be sure that the vertical supports of your book stand are at least 1 inch wide before going any further. If they aren’t, you must either remake them or get a thicker piece of wood to use.

– Make sure that your screws are fitted snugly. If they aren’t, this could potentially mess up the stability of your book stand and cause it to break.

– Be careful when you’re finished designing your book stand; sometimes wood is very fragile! Also, when you’re carrying something made out of wood, be extra cautious and ensure that there will not be any mishaps like bumps or falls.

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We hope you have learned how to make a book stand out of wood. If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching bookstand that is also functional, making one out of wood is the perfect solution. With just a few tools and some basic carpentry skills, you can create a beautiful bookstand that perfectly showcases your latest read. So get started today and show off your reading skills with a stylish wooden book stand!

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